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Please try the step by step guide to setting up Freenet and various Freenet apps, especially if installing on OS X. We are not responsible for unofficial third party apps it recommends including FMS , but many Freenet users and developers use them.

Freenet should work fine with most routers, but if you are having problems and you have a firewall or router, click here for some info. When the installer closes, it should open a browser window pointing to the first-time wizard.

Here you can configure basic settings, and then start using Freenet. If it doesn't work, open http: For best security you should use a separate browser for Freenet, preferably in privacy mode.

On Windows, the system tray menu will try to use Chrome in incognito mode if possible. Internet Explorer does not work well with Freenet, Firefox and Opera are widely used.

If you know anyone running Freenet, you can improve your security and help to build a robust network by connecting to their node.

First, open the Add a friend page. You and your friend should each download their "node reference". Send the file to the other person, and add his node reference using the form at the bottom of the page.

You can set a name for your node on the config page to make it easier to see who it is. Only add nodes run by people you actually know , whether online or offline, as adding total strangers harms performance and does not improve security much they could be the bad guys!

Freenet itself includes anonymous websites "freesites" , filesharing, searching, and more, but you can also use third party applications for chat, filesharing, to help you upload freesites, etc.

The Freenet Social Networking Guide explains how to set up the main third party tools, including email, forums and micro-blogging Sone, a bit like twitter.

If you have problems installing or running Freenet, please see the knowledge base , FAQ , chat , or mailing list.

Freenet will run on smaller systems, but it uses at least MB of RAM, so unless the system does nothing else it will struggle in less than MB.

However, the processor is less of a problem, people have been known to run it on MHz Pentium 2's or ATOM's, although downloads and browsing would be slow.

Freenet will use a portion of your disk for storing data, you can configure this to any size from MB upwards, but we recommend at least 1GB.

Freenet also uses disk space for your downloads. Freenet provides an upgrade-over-Freenet mechanism: It will keep itself up to date automatically from other Freenet nodes, and this will normally work even if it is unable to route to them due to them being too new.

This is anonymous and secure, and we recommend people use it. However, if something is severely broken, you can upgrade your node manually from our servers:.

If you know other people who also use Freenet, you can add them as Friends. The distributed data store of Freenet is used by many third-party programs and plugins to provide microblogging and media sharing, [9] anonymous and decentralised version tracking, [10] blogging, [11] a generic web of trust for decentralized spam resistance , [12] Shoeshop for using Freenet over Sneakernet , [13] and many more.

The origin of Freenet can be traced to Ian Clarke's student project at the University of Edinburgh , which he completed as a graduation requirement in the summer of Researchers suggested that Freenet can provide anonymity on the Internet by storing small encrypted snippets of content distributed on the computers of its users and connecting only through intermediate computers which pass on requests for content and sending them back without knowing the contents of the full file, similar to how routers on the Internet route packets without knowing anything about files—except Freenet has caching, a layer of strong encryption, and no reliance on centralized structures.

The most fundamental change is support for darknet operation. Both modes can be run simultaneously. When a user switches to pure darknet operation, Freenet becomes very difficult to detect from the outside.

The transport layer created for the darknet mode allows communication over restricted routes as commonly found in mesh networks , as long as these connections follow a small-world structure.

These include reduced memory usage, faster insert and retrieval of content, significant improvements to the FProxy web interface used for browsing freesites, and a large number of smaller bugfixes, performance enhancements, and usability improvements.

As of build , released on 30 July , features that have been written include significant security improvements against both attackers acting on the network and physical seizure of the computer running the node.

As of build , released on 11 July , the Freenet core stopped using the db4o database and laid the foundation for an efficient interface to the Web of Trust plugin which provides spam resistance.

Freenet has always been free software, but until it required users to install Java. Freenet is different from most other peer-to-peer applications, both in how users interact with it and in the security it offers.

The simplest is via FProxy, which is integrated with the node software and provides a web interface to content on the network.

Using FProxy, a user can browse freesites websites that use normal HTML and related tools, but whose content is stored within Freenet rather than on a traditional web server.

The web interface is also used for most configuration and node management tasks. Through the use of separate applications or plugins loaded into the node software, users can interact with the network in other ways, such as forums similar to web forums or Usenet or interfaces more similar to traditional P2P "filesharing" interfaces.

While Freenet provides an HTTP interface for browsing freesites, it is not a proxy for the World Wide Web ; Freenet can be used to access only the content that has been previously inserted into the Freenet network.

In this way, it is more similar to Tor's hidden services than to anonymous proxy software like Tor's proxy. Freenet's focus lies on free speech and anonymity.

Because of that, Freenet acts differently at certain points that are directly or indirectly related to the anonymity part.

Freenet attempts to protect the anonymity of both people inserting data into the network uploading and those retrieving data from the network downloading.

Unlike file sharing systems, there is no need for the uploader to remain on the network after uploading a file or group of files.

Instead, during the upload process, the files are broken into chunks and stored on a variety of other computers on the network.

When downloading, those chunks are found and reassembled. Every node on the Freenet network contributes storage space to hold files and bandwidth that it uses to route requests from its peers.

As a direct result of the anonymity requirements, the node requesting content does not normally connect directly to the node that has it; instead, the request is routed across several intermediaries, none of which know which node made the request or which one had it.

As a result, the total bandwidth required by the network to transfer a file is higher than in other systems, which can result in slower transfers, especially for infrequently accessed content.

With Opennet, users connect to arbitrary other users. With Darknet, users connect only to "friends" with whom they previously exchanged public keys , named node-references.

Both modes can be used together. Freenet's founders argue that true freedom of speech comes only with true anonymity and that the beneficial uses of Freenet outweigh its negative uses.

Freenet attempts to remove the possibility of any group imposing its beliefs or values on any data. Although many states censor communications to different extents, they all share one commonality in that a body must decide what information to censor and what information to allow.

What may be acceptable to one group of people may be considered offensive or even dangerous to another. In essence, the purpose of Freenet is to ensure that no one is allowed to decide what is acceptable.

Reports of Freenet's use in authoritarian nations is difficult to track due to the very nature of Freenet's goals.

One group, Freenet China , used to introduce the Freenet software to Chinese users starting from and distribute it within China through e-mails and on disks after the group's website was blocked by the Chinese authorities on the mainland.

It was reported that in Freenet China had several thousand dedicated users. The Freenet file sharing network stores documents and allows them to be retrieved later by an associated key, as is now possible with protocols such as HTTP.

The network is designed to be highly survivable. The system has no central servers and is not subject to the control of any one individual or organization, including the designers of Freenet.

Information stored on Freenet is distributed around the network and stored on several different nodes. Encryption of data and relaying of requests makes it difficult to determine who inserted content into Freenet, who requested that content, or where the content was stored.

This protects the anonymity of participants, and also makes it very difficult to censor specific content.

Content is stored encrypted, making it difficult for even the operator of a node to determine what is stored on that node. This provides plausible deniability , and in combination with the request relaying means that safe harbor laws that protect service providers may also protect Freenet node operators.

When asked about the topic, Freenet developers defer to the EFF discussion which says that not being able to filter anything is a safe choice.

Unlike other P2P networks , Freenet not only transmits data between nodes but actually stores them, working as a huge distributed cache.

To achieve this, each node allocates some amount of disk space to store data; this is configurable by the node operator, but is typically several GB or more.

Files on Freenet are typically split into multiple small blocks, with duplicate blocks created to provide redundancy. Each block is handled independently, meaning that a single file may have parts stored on many different nodes.

Two advantages of this design are high reliability and anonymity. Information remains available even if the publisher node goes offline, and is anonymously spread over many hosting nodes as encrypted blocks, not entire files.

The key disadvantage of the storage method is that no one node is responsible for any chunk of data. If a piece of data is not retrieved for some time and a node keeps getting new data, it will drop the old data sometime when its allocated disk space is fully used.

In this way Freenet tends to 'forget' data which is not retrieved regularly see also Effect. While users can insert data into the network, there is no way to delete data.

Due to Freenet's anonymous nature the original publishing node or owner of any piece of data is unknown. The only way data can be removed is if users don't request it.

Typically, a host computer on the network runs the software that acts as a node, and it connects to other hosts running that same software to form a large distributed, variable-size network of peer nodes.

Some nodes are end user nodes, from which documents are requested and presented to human users. Other nodes serve only to route data.

All nodes communicate with each other identically — there are no dedicated "clients" or "servers".

It is not possible for a node to rate another node except by its capacity to insert and fetch data associated with a key.

This is unlike most other P2P networks where node administrators can employ a ratio system, where users have to share a certain amount of content before they can download.

Freenet may also be considered a small world network. The Freenet protocol is intended to be used on a network of complex topology, such as the Internet Internet Protocol.

Each node knows only about some number of other nodes that it can reach directly its conceptual "neighbors" , but any node can be a neighbor to any other; no hierarchy or other structure is intended.

Each message is routed through the network by passing from neighbor to neighbor until it reaches its destination.

As each node passes a message to a neighbor, it does not know whether the neighbor will forward the message to another node, or is the final destination or original source of the message.

This is intended to protect the anonymity of users and publishers. Each node maintains a data store containing documents associated with keys, and a routing table associating nodes with records of their performance in retrieving different keys.

The Freenet protocol uses a key-based routing protocol, similar to distributed hash tables. The routing algorithm changed significantly in version 0.

Prior to version 0. In either case, new connections were sometimes added to downstream nodes i. Oskar Sandberg's research during the development of version 0.

The disadvantage of this is that it is very easy for an attacker to find Freenet nodes, and connect to them, because every node is continually attempting to find new connections.

Darknet is less convenient, but much more secure against a distant attacker. This change required major changes in the routing algorithm. Every node has a location, which is a number between 0 and 1.

When a key is requested, first the node checks the local data store. If it's not found, the key's hash is turned into another number in the same range, and the request is routed to the node whose location is closest to the key.

This goes on until some number of hops is exceeded, there are no more nodes to search, or the data is found. If the data is found, it is cached on each node along the path.

So there is no one source node for a key, and attempting to find where it is currently stored will result in it being cached more widely.

Essentially the same process is used to insert a document into the network: If older data is found, the older data is propagated and returned to the originator, and the insert "collides".

But this works only if the locations are clustered in the right way. Freenet assumes that the Darknet a subset of the global social network is a small-world network, and nodes constantly attempt to swap locations using the Metropolis—Hastings algorithm in order to minimize their distance to their neighbors.

However, it does not guarantee that data will be found at all. Eventually, either the document is found or the hop limit is exceeded. The terminal node sends a reply that makes its way back to the originator along the route specified by the intermediate nodes' records of pending requests.

The intermediate nodes may choose to cache the document along the way. Besides saving bandwidth, this also makes documents harder to censor as there is no one "source node.

Initially, the locations in Darknet are distributed randomly. This means that routing of requests is essentially random.



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